A boy learns that the monster haunting his neighborhood is not what it seems. “Sweet Tooth” by Nicole Givens Kurtz. […]
A man discovers a strange ability to convince people that he’s someone he’s not. “Nobody Knows My Name” by Brandon […]
A cursed tree is used for a plantation remodeling project, sending slaves scurrying from the house. Story by Charles W. […]
This week, a flash fiction double feature about a lying house and a lake monster. Stories by Tara Campbell and […]
This week, a flying witch haunts the woods, but a man gets a little help from a mysterious and powerful […]
For our Season 5 premiere, a couple encounters a strange creature by the roadside who delights in granting perverse wishes.
This week, a double-feature gothic story from Jamie Grimes with special hosts from Pseudopod – Alex and Kat. A transcript […]
For our season finale, dreams really do come true. A transcript is available on the NIGHTLIGHT website. Timothy played by […]
Show Notes: This week, fiction from Terence Taylor that ponders a strange shared living situation. A transcript is available on […]
This week, one more flash fiction story from Tonya R. Moore. A transcript is available on the NIGHTLIGHT website. Narrated […]