Conjurer’s Revenge by Charles W. Chesnutt

Hi. I’m Tonia Thompson, writer and creator of NIGHTLIGHT: The Black Horror Podcast.

This week, we have another story from Charles Chesnutt. Charles was the first widely recognized Black American fiction writer. Like The Gray Wolf’s Ha’nt, this story is also from his collection: Conjure Woman.

The Conjurer’s Revenge is one of my favorite stories of the collection, but truly, all of his stories are excellent. In a time when most African Americans were writing about the harsh life of Black people in America, Charles wrote–and preserved–our traditions. Fiction can be a luxury in difficult times, and at a time when Black people were fighting for their very lives, Charles Chesnutt saw the role fiction could play in healing a nation. And, for that, I am thankful.

And now, Conjurer’s Revenge by Charles Chesnutt.

The Conjurer’s Revenge on Project Gutenberg

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