Blaxploitation Exploration with Eden Royce

Hi, I’m Tonia Thompson, horror writer and creator of NIGHTLIGHT, a horror podcast featuring creepy tales from Black writers all over the world. This week, we’ve got a double treat for you. First, a conversation between Eden Royce, author of Episode 2, Basque of the Red Death, and I about ABBY, a blaxploitation film about a churchgoing woman who becomes possessed by a trickster. On Friday, we’re going to bring Blaxploitation to the podcast world with a story from the legendary Slenderman creepypasta from a Black horror perspective, so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it.

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And now, our conversation about Abby.

[Transcription coming]

I always have a blast chatting with Eden. She’s so inspiring. And to be perfectly transparent, she’s easily my favorite author in Black horror right now. Make sure you check out her other stories. Head over to her website at for a complete list. A link is also in the show notes.

Thanks for listening. We’ll be back on Friday with a brand new story.