The Nasty at Bellua by Danny Lore

Hi I’m Tonia Thompson, horror writer and creator of Nightlight, the black horror podcast. This week’s story is from an author that is slept on entirely too much. I know one day people recognize them for their talent and creativity, and I am thrilled to have their story, The Nasty at Bellua for the podcast.

this weeks episode by Danny Lore. It’s narrated by Cherrae Stuart. And I’d like to dedicate this episode to Roy Day, may we all be as kind and open-hearted as he was.


You can read The Nasty at Bellua on Danny’s site.


This past week has been a tough one for my family and me, and I had to rely on others to help ensure this podcast episode could go live today. I’d like to thank Danny for their impressive story that required hardly any editing, making it easier to get this episode out in a short period of time. Dionne for making the edits in record time. Cherrae for getting this story narrated with almost no notice and very little direction. And most of all, Jen from the Skiffy and Fanty podcast, who totally knocked the audio and sound effects out of the park even though I basically threw the audio at her and ran. Thank you all so, so much for helping me get this episode done. You wouldn’t be listening to this right now if not for them.

We’ll be airing another episode later this week with an extended interview with Danny. I can’t wait for you to meet them and I think it’ll be one of our best interviews ever.

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